An icon of Finnish Lapland

Reindeer were created by the sky god Hövki, not only to provide food and transport on earth, but also to lift the human soul up to the sun.

Reindeer have sustained the indigenous people Sami, of northern Finland, for millennia. They are invaluable animals both in the Sami culture and sustenance. 

Ample herds are living and wandering free in the wild tundra. Reindeers live in the wild and are gathered by Sami herders two or three times per year.

These animals are herded for their valuable meat and are closely connected to the life of the semi-nomadic Sami population, the last European native culture.

The process of reindeer breeding respects the natural rhythm of every animal. The Act and Statute for Animal Protection define the rules concerning the treatment of reindeers. Reindeer breeding is highly monitored in all its phases.

It is the duty of the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to make sure that the number of reindeers remains within the established level and that all the laws and statutes dictated by the Ministry are respected.

Reindeer herding is a perfect example of sustainable development and a wonderful demostration between humans, animals and the enviroment. Every part of the animal is used, only it’s spirit is left unused.

NO animal is killed in the name of Fashion!