Behind the collection is the Finnish designer Satu Jaakkola-Chiari, the creator of SATU. She has two decades of experience with high-end fashion design in Italy.

A passionate designer

Finnish-born Satu Jaakkola-Chiari has an impressive international track record in fashion. Jaakkola-Chiari has more than 15 years of experience in luxury fashion accessory design in Italy. She gives SATU a unique combination of high-end designs, luxury dreams and creativity.

Jaakkola-Chiari challenges conventions and pursues new ones with enthusiasm. She is eager to see potential and to develop new visions. In her world, change is necessary for progress. Jaakkola-Chiari wants to work for excellence rather than just products – she gives SATU a strong, yet refined, luxurious signature.

The seductiveness of great fashion lies not just in passion, but in the refinement of passion. An innate sense of elegant restraint has always marked Jaakkola-Chiari's work. She has the excitement and inspiration needed in the fashion industry, as well as a natural sense of structure and shape.

Personal dedication and endurance are the ingredients for success for those who want to be the best. SATU is made for you with dedication and love.